What’s Hot in Eyeglass Frame Styles

Jazzed Up Eyewear for Those with a Fashion Sense

Looking for a trendy pair of eyeglasses to wear? Try some of these hot styles that are taking eyewear by storm.

Over the years the trend in what is fashionable in eyewear seems to change year after year. When the movie series The Matrix was released the rimless signature eyewear that Keanu Reeves wore became an instant fashion hit. Almost every eyeglass frame manufacturer had a version of the “Matrix eyewear” for sale to eager fans. As the clothing fashions can change for a season to season so can the fashion for eyeglass frames. Here are a few current trends in eyewear.

White Frames

White frames are actually a throwback to the days of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The frames are of the huge, clunky variety favored in the mid to late ’60s. They are more of a symbol of wealth than a clothing accessory.

Global Chic: For the runway-conscious fashion junkie, the sleek lines of this style combined with the oversized look makes this pair of eyewear just what the doctor ordered. Despite their apparent size, they almost look demure.

Aviator Frames

The aviator style was once popular as an example of pilot eyewear, but instead of the thin silver frame around the lenses, the newer versions sport a rimless (no frame) look and smooth flowing lines that wrap around the head.

Rock Punk: Mix aviator style glasses with hard punk rock, add a tinge of pink to the lenses, and you have this neo-punk set of eyewear that is both hard-edged and hip at the same time.

Gold Frames

Remember the days of wraparound gold framed sports glasses? Well, the newer versions have ditched the wireframes in favor of the frameless look but now the lenses are tinted gold as well as the earpieces.

The Fancy Flirt: The ultimate in party animal eyewear, these glasses have thin stems that almost seem to glide along the temples and float above the ears.

Oversized Glamour Girl Frames

Back in the day, you could recognize a movie star like Gina Lollobrigida or Elizabeth Taylor more by the gorgeous large sunglasses they sported than by the eyes they concealed. Nowadays these oversized glass frames are bejeweled with rhinestones and crystals for a rock star look.

The Downtown Doll: These glasses go for the hip, downtown, funky look that just oozes glamour out of every part. With a look of layered colors, these look best in colors like turquoise mixed with black.

Textured Frames

The look of textured materials now adorns the frames of current day eyewear. These glasses add a touch of texture to both the eyes and the temples.

Afro-Love: This style of textured eyeglasses is all about the rich look of patterns and prints, and tends to be understated in appearance.

A Complete Eyewear Ensemble

It is no longer enough to have just the right pair of eyeglasses to express your personality. Now your entire wardrobe would be considered incomplete if you did not have a style of eyeglass to go with its particular look. The days of “one pair fit all occasions” are long gone. The complete ensemble includes eyeglasses (both regular and sun) to match that special look you are trying to achieve.

No matter what type of eyeglasses you wear, whether it is functional in nature, or just for show, the newest trends in fashionable eyewear will have a pair to suit your proclivities. Just remember eyewear like all fashion items fall in and out of favor at the drop of a hat. If you buy a radical pair of glass simply to be considered as part of the “in a crowd,” they could fall out of favor almost before you can get them back from the optometrist.


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