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Purchasing Prescription Vision Wear Via the Internet

The convenience of sitting home at the computer to order new eyewear is appealing. There are pros and cons to online optical purchases of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The Internet can be not only time-saving but money saving as well. There is no middleman to pay and often no sales tax either. Clicking on various “internet eyeglass stores” allows viewing of hundreds of frames without sales pressure. Driving and parking become a chore of the past as one surfs the Internet from home.

The Ideal Internet Consumer for Online Vision Wear Glasses

  • It is best for the purchaser who knows which of various coatings is desired as well as what type plastic, glass, or polycarbonate lens, is suitable.
  • A recent prescription is available.
  • A slight change is wanted from current glasses are available and can easily be matched online with a simple change in color or frame material.
  • The purchaser is an experienced eyeglass purchaser or wearer.

Internet Purchase Disadvantage

  • No onsite accurate fit and adjustment.
  • Perfect pupil distance measurement is vital to a perfect lens created individually by a professional.
  • No professional opinions on style and fit
  • Returns are not to a physical place but to cyberspace. The package may be sent to an unknown entity. (Did they move or close? What country are they really in?)

Measuring Pupil Distance (PD)

This is the ruler measurement in millimeters (mm). There are several ways for the at-home consumer to collect this information. The result is usually between 45 and 65 mm.

  • Stare straight ahead into a mirror.
  • Place the ruler end at the center of the right pupil and note the number in the center of the left.
  • Alternatively, take a small stick and hold it between the two pupils, marking both centers. Place the stick next to a ruler for the final measurement.
  • Alternatively yet, ask someone to do this measurement for you as you stare straight ahead. Acquire a ruler for this purpose.
  • The online company may do this measure if you send a pair of well-fitting glasses with the order purchase number. Inquire first, of course.

Copying and Understanding the Vision Prescription

The plus (+) and minus (-) signs are crucial to accuracy. Be certain they are copied correctly for the sphere and cylinder of the eye prescription. The axis movement is for those with astigmatism.

Other measurements necessary for purchase selection are inside each frame. These numbers will look like 50-20-137; in other words, look for a series of 3 numbers separated by dashes or boxes. A length is typically a number between 44-65. This is the distance of one eyeglass frame. The next number is the distance between lenses (DBL). Last is the eyeglass size from frame front to the back of the ear.

The Internet can save the savvy eyeglass wearer a lot of money when the current prescription and the size of previously well fitting glasses are available.

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