What’s Hot in Eyeglass Frame Styles

Jazzed Up Eyewear for Those with a Fashion Sense

Looking for a trendy pair of eyeglasses to wear? Try some of these hot styles that are taking eyewear by storm.

Over the years the trend in what is fashionable in eyewear seems to change year after year. When the movie series The Matrix was released the rimless signature eyewear that Keanu Reeves wore became an instant fashion hit. Almost every eyeglass frame manufacturer had a version of the “Matrix eyewear” for sale to eager fans. As the clothing fashions can change for a season to season so can the fashion for eyeglass frames. Here are a few current trends in eyewear.

White Frames

White frames are actually a throwback to the days of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The frames are of the huge, clunky variety favored in the mid to late ’60s. They are more of a symbol of wealth than a clothing accessory.

Global Chic: For the runway-conscious fashion junkie, the sleek lines of this style combined with the oversized look makes this pair of eyewear just what the doctor ordered. Despite their apparent size, they almost look demure.

Aviator Frames

The aviator style was once popular as an example of pilot eyewear, but instead of the thin silver frame around the lenses, the newer versions sport a rimless (no frame) look and smooth flowing lines that wrap around the head.

Rock Punk: Mix aviator style glasses with hard punk rock, add a tinge of pink to the lenses, and you have this neo-punk set of eyewear that is both hard-edged and hip at the same time.

Gold Frames

Remember the days of wraparound gold framed sports glasses? Well, the newer versions have ditched the wireframes in favor of the frameless look but now the lenses are tinted gold as well as the earpieces.

The Fancy Flirt: The ultimate in party animal eyewear, these glasses have thin stems that almost seem to glide along the temples and float above the ears.

Oversized Glamour Girl Frames

Back in the day, you could recognize a movie star like Gina Lollobrigida or Elizabeth Taylor more by the gorgeous large sunglasses they sported than by the eyes they concealed. Nowadays these oversized glass frames are bejeweled with rhinestones and crystals for a rock star look.

The Downtown Doll: These glasses go for the hip, downtown, funky look that just oozes glamour out of every part. With a look of layered colors, these look best in colors like turquoise mixed with black.

Textured Frames

The look of textured materials now adorns the frames of current day eyewear. These glasses add a touch of texture to both the eyes and the temples.

Afro-Love: This style of textured eyeglasses is all about the rich look of patterns and prints, and tends to be understated in appearance.

A Complete Eyewear Ensemble

It is no longer enough to have just the right pair of eyeglasses to express your personality. Now your entire wardrobe would be considered incomplete if you did not have a style of eyeglass to go with its particular look. The days of “one pair fit all occasions” are long gone. The complete ensemble includes eyeglasses (both regular and sun) to match that special look you are trying to achieve.

No matter what type of eyeglasses you wear, whether it is functional in nature, or just for show, the newest trends in fashionable eyewear will have a pair to suit your proclivities. Just remember eyewear like all fashion items fall in and out of favor at the drop of a hat. If you buy a radical pair of glass simply to be considered as part of the “in a crowd,” they could fall out of favor almost before you can get them back from the optometrist.


Buy Eyeglasses, Designer Frames, Online

Purchasing Prescription Vision Wear Via the Internet

The convenience of sitting home at the computer to order new eyewear is appealing. There are pros and cons to online optical purchases of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The Internet can be not only time-saving but money saving as well. There is no middleman to pay and often no sales tax either. Clicking on various “internet eyeglass stores” allows viewing of hundreds of frames without sales pressure. Driving and parking become a chore of the past as one surfs the Internet from home.

The Ideal Internet Consumer for Online Vision Wear Glasses

  • It is best for the purchaser who knows which of various coatings is desired as well as what type plastic, glass, or polycarbonate lens, is suitable.
  • A recent prescription is available.
  • A slight change is wanted from current glasses are available and can easily be matched online with a simple change in color or frame material.
  • The purchaser is an experienced eyeglass purchaser or wearer.

Internet Purchase Disadvantage

  • No onsite accurate fit and adjustment.
  • Perfect pupil distance measurement is vital to a perfect lens created individually by a professional.
  • No professional opinions on style and fit
  • Returns are not to a physical place but to cyberspace. The package may be sent to an unknown entity. (Did they move or close? What country are they really in?)

Measuring Pupil Distance (PD)

This is the ruler measurement in millimeters (mm). There are several ways for the at-home consumer to collect this information. The result is usually between 45 and 65 mm.

  • Stare straight ahead into a mirror.
  • Place the ruler end at the center of the right pupil and note the number in the center of the left.
  • Alternatively, take a small stick and hold it between the two pupils, marking both centers. Place the stick next to a ruler for the final measurement.
  • Alternatively yet, ask someone to do this measurement for you as you stare straight ahead. Acquire a ruler for this purpose.
  • The online company may do this measure if you send a pair of well-fitting glasses with the order purchase number. Inquire first, of course.

Copying and Understanding the Vision Prescription

The plus (+) and minus (-) signs are crucial to accuracy. Be certain they are copied correctly for the sphere and cylinder of the eye prescription. The axis movement is for those with astigmatism.

Other measurements necessary for purchase selection are inside each frame. These numbers will look like 50-20-137; in other words, look for a series of 3 numbers separated by dashes or boxes. A length is typically a number between 44-65. This is the distance of one eyeglass frame. The next number is the distance between lenses (DBL). Last is the eyeglass size from frame front to the back of the ear.

The Internet can save the savvy eyeglass wearer a lot of money when the current prescription and the size of previously well fitting glasses are available.

Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis

What Is “Pink Eye?”

Pink eye, which may also be spelled pinkeye, occurs when the eyelids’ inner surface, as well as the clear membrane that is covering the part of the eye that is white, gets inflamed, giving the eye a pink tint. The medical name for this condition is conjunctivitis because the affected membranes are known as “conjunctiva.”

Children often get the bacterial and viral forms of pink eye, but the condition can strike anyone at any age. It’s fairly common and generally, it doesn’t cause long term damage. Pink eye often goes away on its own, but anyone with symptoms should consult their health care professional.

Causes of Pink Eye

The condition usually occurs because the conjunctiva has come in contact with viruses, bacteria, allergy-provoking agents, toxic agents, and irritants. Also, the pink eye may be a cause of a number of different diseases.

Causes can usually be defined as either noninfectious or infectious. Infectious Conjunctivitis is generally contagious, but the non-infectious pink eye is not.

Pink eye can be triggered by all viruses and bacteria that are causing common colds as well as other infections such as sinus infection, ear infection or sore throat. Diseases that are sexually transmitted such as gonorrhea and chlamydia may contribute to causing pink eye.

Pink eye that is noninfectious usually is caused by allergens such as ragweed pollen, grass, dust mites, and animal dander, also with different kinds of chemicals like chlorine, soaps, as well as air pollutants such as fumes and smoke. Another regular cause of pink eye is Hay fever.


Symptoms of a viral pink eye include the following:

  • Eyes that are watery and have discharge
  • Irritated eyes
  • It is starting with one eye and then it can spread to both eyes

Symptoms of bacterial pink eye include the following:

  • Watery eyes accompanied by yellow or green discharge
  • Irritated eyes
  • It is starting with one eye and then it can spread to both eyes

Symptoms of pinkeye that is noninfectious include the following:

  • Heavy tearing
  • Itchiness and irritated eyes
  • It is affecting both eyes

Pink Eye Treatment

As for treatment for Infectious pink eye are used the same kinds of treatments as for many other illnesses that are contagious. Usually, for pink eye, medication is not necessary, with the exception for small children. It’s best to talk with the pediatrician of the child.

For viral strains, generally, the antibiotics are ineffective but can be helpful for some other forms of bacteria. To dissolve the eye discharge can be used warm cloth. Sometimes can be used special eye drops to relieve the redness and inflammation. It would be best to talk to your doctor.

Pink eyes that are allergic, sometimes require anti-inflammatory medications, eye drops, and antihistamine medications, to relieve the patient of the eye itching and redness. It is really important to remove all causes for appearing the allergy. If you are suffering from mild discomfort or itching, it would be best to talk to your doctor about prescribing fresh pair of contact lenses per day for providing comfort.

You can take some of these steps to prevent having a pink eye:

  • Avoid touching your eyes
  • Before using eye medications wash your hands
  • Do not share cosmetics, washcloths, towels, or eye drops with anyone
  • Wear daily colored contact lenses, instead of colored contact lenses for long wear
  • Make sure children who have a pink eye to be far from other kids.

Always remember, your best source of information on pink eye remedies and treatment is your doctor.

What is a Cataract?

Cataracts, their Causes, and their Treatment

The causes, symptoms, and treatment of cataracts, including details of the cataract operation itself.

A cataract is an eye lens clouding. Because of the cataract, the vision starts to be blurred because it interferes with a sight like a veil in front of the eye. Many individuals over 60 years usually have cataracts and most of these can be treated very successfully.

The lens is a clear structure behind the iris, which is the colored part of the eye. The lens helps to focus light on the retina behind the eye to form a picture. In order for this image to be sharp, the lens needs to be clear.

The effects of cataracts

Cataracts cause misty or blurred vision. Lights may be dazzling. Color vision deteriorates. Although, these eye symptoms can be a sign for another eye condition. An optometrist/optician can carry out a full diagnostic test. Regular eye tests can identify an eye condition at its beginning, and this is recommended.


Cataracts can be formed at any age, but most commonly, they affect older people. In young people, the appearing of cataracts may be caused by medical conditions such as certain drugs, diabetes, and other problems with eye health. Cataracts may also exist at birth; e.g. congenital cataracts.

There is no universal agreement about the actual causes of cataracts. Research has linked smoking cigarettes, too much sunlight exposure or poor diet with cataract development. Cataracts may be caused by other health problems such as diabetes.


The best cataracts treatment is a relatively simple surgery for removing the lens that is clouded. Some researchers have suggested that a good diet slows the growth of age-related cataracts.

The cataract operation

In the past, surgeons often waited until vision was very poor before removing the cataract. Now, the surgery is usually carried out when the eyesight starts to interfere with everyday activities.

Before the surgery, a pre-operative assessment is done by the eye team. Usually, before the operation, an anesthetic is given locally, so the patient is awake during the operation but feels nothing in the eye. The eye specialist will tell the patient what is going on throughout the procedure, and the patient will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable.

If general anesthesia is given, the patient will be unconscious for the duration of the operation.

The operation is done through a tiny eye opening with the aid of a microscope. The procedure is no longer than 20 minutes, although sometimes, a longer operation is needed.

The operation is consist of removing the lens with the cataract and a plastic lens that is clear is substituted so that the clouded eye will see clearly. The substituted clear lens is remaining in the eye permanently and its name is intraocular lens implant. The eye never rejects this lens.

Over the eye is placed a pad after the operation for protection. The operation cannot be performed with a laser, although laser treatment may be used later if the casing of the lens is becoming cloudy.

After the surgery

There is usually an instant improvement, although complete healing can take a period of a few months. Eye-glasses can be still used, especially when you need to read, as the newly added intraocular lens implant is usually set up for far-sighted vision rather than near vision.

Usually, around 2 months the patients will have to use drops fr the eyes after the operation. Most people will have the operation and return home on the same day, with instructions to not to rub or touch the eye, refrain from heavy lifting, avoid eye makeup or getting soap in the eye.

Any questions regarding cataracts and the operation can be answered by the team at the eye clinic.

Saving Money with Cheap Eyeglasses

Inexpensive Glasses and Frames Can Easily Be Found Online

For those without insurance or looking for an alternative to expensive glasses and frames, there are many websites offering great deals on prescription eyeglasses.

Prescription eyeglasses, or even simple reading glasses, can be very expensive if purchased from a traditional optometrist. Even people with good insurance plans may not have eyeglasses covered in their plan. It may not be possible to get an eye exam over the internet yet, but penny pinchers can certainly save a good chunk of money by buying quality glasses online.

Prescription or Reading Glasses Can Be Ordered Over the Internet

All that is needed to order a pair of frames and lenses is a simple prescription, which any optometrist can give you. Some sites require additional information, such as the pupillary distance, or certain adjustments for patients with astigmatism or those requiring bi-focal lenses, but that information can be obtained by asking the optometrist to add it to the written prescription.

Most of the websites offering low price glasses, including Zenni Optical and Prescription Glasses Online, are able to offer glasses as low as $8 a pair because they use plastic. However, these frames and lenses are made out of durable plastic, and often are more scratch resistant than traditional glass lenses.

Bi-focals, progressive lenses, and fancy UV or transitional coatings are also offered by many of these retailers. While these options do up the price by quite a bit, it’s still much cheaper than what an eye care center usually offers. A basic pair of glasses can run as high as $300 at an optometrist’s office, and bifocals can add at least $50 on to that quote.

Buying Online Has Its Downsides – No Trying Glasses On, Prescription Can Be Wrong

Of course, many people enjoy being able to try on as many pairs as they like to pick what fits their face best. This is a major downside to online shopping. It’s impossible to try on the frames that a website offers, and it’s possible to end up with a pair that isn’t quite the right style. The best way to avoid this is to try on a few pairs when visiting an optometrist for the eye exam, and deciding on a general style to find online.

The prescription given to the patient can also be wrong, and that often only becomes obvious after the glasses have been ordered and tried by the patient. Almost all optometrists simply send them back and get new lenses made, at no cost to the patient, since it was their error. However, these online retailers don’t offer the same – once ordered, even if the prescription is wrong, the buyer is stuck with them.

But the price point is usually low enough on these sites that ordering another pair with a corrected prescription is still way below the cost associated with purchasing a pair from an optometrist. Care should be taken to make sure the person administrating the eye exam is trained, and that the numbers on the prescription seem logical before using them to order a pair of glasses.

Some optometrists may balk at giving a patient a written prescription since much of their profit comes from eyeglass orders, but according to the Zenni Optical website, they are legally required to supply all patients with the written prescription upon request. It may be helpful to mention the need for a copy of the prescription while making the appointment.

Money Can Be Saved by Buying Cheap Prescription Glasses Online

Even for people who have insurance or already have a good pair of eyeglasses, the cheap pairs that can be found online are perfect for a backup pair in case of emergency. For those without eyeglass coverage, extremely cheap glasses can make it possible for them to get a new pair every year, as recommended by optometrists, instead of being limited by a high price point.

New Trends in Eyewear

This year glasses have made a comeback as the fashion accessory of the moment, as important as your handbag your eyewear can really make a statement.

Forget the quote “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses” by American poet Dorothy Parker in 1937. This year it’s all about wearing your eyewear loud and proud.

Celebrities and Glasses

Throughout time certain eyewear has captured our attention and drawn inspiration. Who could forget the iconic round spectacle worn by John Lennon or Diane Keaton’s oversized librarian glasses to match her masculine wardrobe in Woody Allen’s 1977 movie Annie Hall.

And it seems the traditional perspective of the superman geek-to-hero once the glasses have been removed couldn’t be further from what is in vogue right now with many designers now branching into opticals and those of the non-visually impaired variety wearing frames with clear lenses.

Celebrities have always been one step ahead and it seems you can’t swing a cat without seeing a celebrity in glasses. Those who rock geek-chic include Justin Timberlake, Pete Wentz or style icon Chloe Sevigny who wear their frames thick and bold.

Or those who opt for a dainty sophisticated, feminine wire or wireless frame like Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Aniston which don’t overpower their small features.

Designers and Glasses

The designer often lead the charge over traditional optical makers and Prada are no exception with their innovative ranges, this season saw their models gracing the runway with futuristic cats eyeglasses for the Fall 2010 show.

And for eyewear that will really get you noticed then bespoke London optical makers Cutler and Gross are a force to be reckoned with in all things eyewear is renowned for a wide range of art deco inspired frames.

They are a brand that has gone from strength to strength and in the past year have teamed up with British designer Giles Deacon and are also due to be starting a project with fashion icon Victoria Beckham to produce her self-designed handmade sunglasses.

Another name that is hot in Eyewear are Oliver Peoples who design vintage eyewear, famous wearers include Elton John and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, although they are an investment piece and often have a splurge-worthy price tag.

Choosing Eyewear

And how to choose the right eyeglasses for you, then it really is all about personality, if you are a fan of retro then a ‘50s inspired cats eye is a great new trend or if you have a big personality are fashion forward and are happy for your glasses to speak for you then oversized geek glasses are a fantastic look.

Or play with different colors and materials from wire to perspex and remember to try on several pairs, like a getting a hair cut not all styles will suit you.

Finding the Right Sunglasses

Shades for Every Man, Woman, and Child

From fitting your face to suiting your style, the best sunglasses contain 3 important elements: color, material, and style.

With new technology springing up everywhere these days, sunglasses are no exception. When it comes to protecting one of your most important assets, people are surprisingly unaware of these new advances. When you’re ready to purchase your new shades, make sure you ask about the following aspects.

Put Your Sunglasses Needs First

Yes, everyone’s looking for the pair they want, but first, you’ve got to narrow down what you need. For instance, if you’ve had laser eye surgery, cataracts or other eye issues, you need the top level of protection. You may be tempted to look at the latest and greatest in ever-so-slightly tinted lenses, but that’s like putting water on as a sunscreen – it will do you no good. You need a few things:

  • Dark lenses: Brown, green, or black will do, but make sure you can’t see your eyes through them in normal light conditions. Especially for patients who have had eye surgery, this is very important since your eyes are hyper-sensitive for the first few weeks.
  • Polarized lenses: these are a good idea for anyone, really, but especially people with sensitive eyes, or eye issues. Polarization is an additional “coating” that they put on the lenses that cut glare- everything from snow, to mirrors, to the sides of buildings and cars when driving. They cost more, but the benefits are priceless to your eyes. There are brands like Maui Jim, Revo, and others that come exclusively in polarized lenses, otherwise, look for a sticker or ask the sales associate.
  • 100% UV Protection: This is important for everyone, not just those with sensitive eyes. Even kids should make sure they’re out with 100% protection. Many drug store and box store glasses come cheap and claim 99% protection – don’t be fooled! That single percent that’s getting through is full of harmful UVB rays that not only age your eyes but damage them as well. These are the dangerous rays we’re trying to keep out, so make certain you’re 100% covered!

Sunglasses that Fit

It seems obvious to many of us that if our faces are different, our glasses would be different; yet, surprisingly, many others don’t consider this first step before taking the plunge into a new pair. There are a few general rules, but if you really want an expert opinion, ask the sales associate at any reputable dealer.

Sunglass Huts, for example, put every employee through extensive training on this subject alone. Don’t be afraid to ask, that’s what they’re there for! And don’t be afraid to follow the advice, either. If she says you look killer in classic Wayfarers, don’t shy away from rockin’ ’em!

There will, no doubt, be a number of styles that fit your face, so narrowing that down is an easy way to get a handle on moving forward into the more important aspects of your purchase.

Styles of Sunglasses

There are numerous sunglasses styles, but the major groups are these:

  • Sporty: These generally boast polycarbonate lenses (shatterproof, for the wear and tear), lightweight frames – whether it is titanium or plastic – and wrap-around shapes (to cover the sides of the eyes from excess light).
  • High Fashion: If you’re looking for high fashion and designer sunglasses, chances are you already have a few names picked out – Gucci, D&G, Chanel – just make sure you follow the rules of picking what you need first before getting carried away with the glamor of the latest runway style. Your eyes deserve it, after all, you want to be able to see that runway for many years to come.
  • Classic: These are your Aviators, Wayfarers, John Lennon’s, and Elton Johns. They usually boast glass lenses for optimal clarity. Ray-Ban is possibly the most recognizable name in classic shades, but Revo, Serengeti, and other brands are just as well established and trustworthy in the market (in fact, most sunglass companies, besides the high fashion brands, are actually owned by Luxoticca Corporation, who also owns Sunglass Hut and LensCrafters).

Before you buy, consider your important factors and remember that your eyes will be grateful as they lie on that endless sandy beach in retirement.